The Vielo bike brand

Founded by industry veteran Ian Hughes and son Trevor, Ian has put together a small team of people and former colleagues he has come into contact with over the years. These people are the best in their field and have become great friends and formed an extended family of like-minded people ready to engineer, design, style and work on every detail of the bike and components with passion for the British customer.

Designed in Britain, engineered in Germany and hand finished to the customers specification in Britain.

With over 35 years of experience in the bike trade and working with some of the best, high performance bike brands around the globe has lead us here. This is a real life story about a bunch of passionate people on a mission to create a small range of high performance bikes in an honest way, for British customer, to cope with British riding conditions. Without the marketing hype and without any limitations on performance potential.

Many bike brands that are sold into the U. K. market are compromised on design and detail for U.K. cycling fans. They don’t really take into consideration the inadequately maintained tarmac and the state that the British roads have fallen into over the years. Plus the different and varying weather conditions in different regions of Britain.

Described as an Indy-Boutique brand, Vielo’s first model, the V+1 is a new breed of Road Plus performance bikes for the road cyclist who is fed up with being shaken to pieces on the poorly maintained British roads and who also wants to combine a bit of fun riding on gravel or loose forest roads without the heavy weight of a hard tail mountain bike.

April 2019 Vielo released their next concept, the R+1. An aero road bike focused on comfort and entirely optimised for a 1x drive chain. The new R+1 was revealed at the Sea otter classic show in California and was turning heads all weekend. With its distinctive clean design and flot topped, dropped seat stays the R+1 was adored all weekend.

The website for Vielo bikes is now live at