REVIEW: Vielo V+1 Cyclist Magazine June 2018

We're delighted to share our first print magazine review! Issue 76 of cyclist magazine (July edition out June 20th) features a 3 page article by Deputy Editor Stu Bowers.

Magazine reviews are always an exciting time for us. Handing over something you've lovingly created (The V+1) to an industry expert (Stu!) can be a nervous time. We've spent months creating something we believe is amazing. Something we're passionate about, something that we ride every day. But what if he doesn't like it? We know we're going to get a straight shooting honest review either way.

When you send a bike out to a magazine for test, you don't usually get any feedback while they have it. Usually the bike goes out to the journalist for 6-8 weeks to be ridden. Occasionally we'll check in to see if they have everything they need and after 6 weeks we ask when we can get the bike back. Then you wait patiently to find out when the review is going live! That's the first we'll ever see of it, when its printed and out in the world. We don't get any preview.

Usually that's the case anyway, on this occasion we got a text from Stu after about 4 weeks ...

Stu textjpg

This only made us even more excited to see the full review, but we had to wait another 4 weeks to see the final article, and here it is: Follow the link below to read the review in full