The New 24mm Meilenstein

Lightweight are known for carbon innovations and pushing the boundaries of super light wheels. For year now the Meilenstein has been THE wheel when it comes to stiffness, weight and desirability. Some changes have been subtle over the past decade, such as resin and carbon layers being added for better braking. However this is something much more radical.The new Meilenstein 24mm Endurance edition wheel set changes everything.

Launched in March 2018 the Meilenstein 24 E is the latest innovation from Lightweight. A new 24mm width to take a wider tires (Up to 32mm Clincher / 34mm Tubular) while adding more stiffness and still they are incredibly lightweight.

The Classic 20mm Width wheels stay in the range, for those looking for a leaner, narrower wheel that doesn't need such large tires.

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