Review: Vielo V+1 -

Verdict: Formidable road plus/adventure/gravel/gnarmac bike with speed, comfort and lovely handling

We love, their site is a fantastic hub for all things cycling in the UK. They have a great team of real people behind the site too, always accessible and genuine. So when we wanted to send our first bike out for a 'magazine' style review, we had to send it to and David Arthur was the man to do it. Why Dave Arthur? Dave has a wealth of experience on road and also in off road (mountain bike, Cyclocross and more). If anyone could test the bike in all conditions it was Dave. Dave has also tested a lot of bikes from our competitors too, so it made a lot of sense to have the Vielo V+1 reviewed by someone that can compare it in a way that others might not be able to. So if you've been looking at reviews of bikes from 3T, OPEN, Trek, Canyon etc and wondered how the Vielo V+1 compared then read on.


The new Vielo V+1 taps into the growing appetite for bigger tyres and increased versatility, with a beautifully designed and lightweight carbon frame and fork that provide splendid handling and performance. It's fast and smooth and can be considered an alternative to an endurance bike as it's no slower but the comfort is noticeably better, yet it has the potential to be taken off-road with the right tyre choice.