Lightweight Urgestalt Disc Review

November 17
Cyclist magazine's Stu Bowers is a lucky guy, he gets to ride the world's best bikes all year round. Stu is also one of the most credible journalists within the UK cycling media, with a very respectable racing pedigree on the UK circuit. So his 'luck' is well earned. 

Stu's luck in this case came in when we sent down the first Urgestalt Disc in the UK for review in the magazine. Stu had ridden the first generation rim brake frame, so was aware of the lightweight ride characteristics.

The Urgestalt disc was designed as a complete system, wheels and frame designed in harmony together, something that's not lost on Stu in his review. The 56cm Urgestalt disc bike was reviewed with Dura Ace Di2 disc and a Lightweight Meilenstein C disc wheels. Complete bike weight was 6.7kg 

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