AMP Human

Amp Human have been winning over athletes in the USA to help them train longer, harder with extended threshold and aid faster recovery with reduced DOMS. It’s backed with over 40 year’s research, scientific documentation and endorsements by world class athletes including Tour de France winners, Ironman podium finishers, NFL Super bowl finalists, NBA pro’s and more.

Amp Human’s PR Lotion supports muscle function by buffering lactic acid though its unique delivery of bicarbonate of soda. The lotion is applied and massaged directly through your skin to the muscles you are working.

Based in Park City, UT, Amp Human's mission is to fundamentally raise human capacity by creating a trusted new category of products to help athletes of all types push their limits. Their flagship product, PR Lotion, is relied on by the world's best athletes to give their bodies more bicarb to neutralize acid in muscles which helps them push harder and recover faster.

We've been working with AMP Human to deliver the UK arm of their global growth strategy throughout 2020. We've been  planning a launch strategy to key independent cycling, triathlon, running and sports retailers , with a consumer launch leading up to the Tour De France 2020.

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